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There are very few *couples-sized* rental cabins in the Hocking Hills that have an *indoor hot tub*. There are even fewer that have an indoor hot tub and a game room. Within the next few months, all 3 of our log cabin rentals will have *both* an indoor hot tub and a game room combined in one! (Please note: our Cuddle Bug Cottage hot tub porch is not included in this project and will remain completely open-air)

In September of 2019 we broke ground and undertook construction to enlarge the existing back porches (where our hot tubs are located) at our 3 log cabin rentals. When completed, they will be approximately twice the size they are currently, and *they will be completely enclosed and climate controlled*. They will be even more private than they already are. There will be multiple picture windows to maintain the beautiful view and there will also be windows that can be opened to let in the outside air on a nice day. In addition to the gliders/rockers that are already present, there will also be new tables and chairs where you can drink your morning coffee, eat a meal, or just relax and take in the beautiful view. Lastly, there will be several fun games to play in this new space.

We're very excited about these new improvements, and would love for you to follow along with our progress by viewing the pictures we will periodically be posting on this page. We are not able to *guarantee* an exact "complete-by" date for all 3 cabins, but we are hoping very much to have them all completed by the end of April, 2020. Check back often because one or more may be completed well before then!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are coming to stay at one of these cabins before we have completed construction, please be assured that we WILL NOT be working on them at your cabin while you're at your cabin enjoying your stay. We are strictly doing the construction work *between* cabin guest stays, which is why it will take several months for the projects to be completed.

NEW In Spring 2020: We're very pleased to announce that the Brand New Indoor Hot Tub & Game Rooms at all
3 of our Log Cabins are FINISHED!
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Sweet Heart Cabin

Lovers Loft Cabin

Maple Lane Cabin

- September, 2019 -

Drilling holes to pour concrete footers for
new 6x6 porch posts & hot tub support posts

- October 8, 2019 -

Setting posts, porch structure and putting in floor joists

- October 21, 2019 -

Putting in more floor joists

- October 25, 2019 -

Finishing up floor joist installation

- October 28, 2019 -

Building the under-porch support system for 2,500 lbs. of
hot tub/water/people at the Sweet Heart Cabin

- November 20, 2019 -

Building the under-porch support system for 3,000 lbs. of
hot tub/water/people at the Lovers Loft Cabin

- November 25, 2019 -

Taking down the existing porch roof at the Maple Lane Cabin

Time to start raising walls!

Our 8-year old son Morgan is the official construction "observer",
which consists mostly of sitting around, eating snacks, and
climbing nearby trees to get a better view

Our 13 year old son Douglas is the general construction "gofer" and
17 year old William is hard at work putting on rafter hangers

- December 22, 2019 -

We have a roof and even some windows on the new enclosed
back porch at the Maple Lane Cabin!

- December 27, 2019 -

And the Sweet Heart Cabin isn't far behind the
Maple Lane - walls and a partial roof are up!

- January 10, 2020 -

William and Douglas helping rip up old decking boards and put
down new sub-floor at the Maple Lane Cabin

Maple Lane is mostly enclosed, all windows are in,
and electric rough-in is done - ready for insulation!

The Sweet Heart Cabin is just a little behind Maple Lane, no windows or electric yet,
but roof is on and porch is mostly enclosed!

- January 20, 2020 -

The Maple Lane new porch interior is now fully enclosed, insulated, and climate controlled! Tongue & Groove Pine barnsiding is going up on the walls and ceiling. Our daughter Caroline provides a welcome pair of extra hands to help with the work.

- January 24, 2020 -

The Sweet Heart roof is now fully on, windows will be going in soon and
electric rough-in and insulation is just around the corner as well!

The interior barnsiding at the Maple Lane is now almost complete, with some trim work to begin now. Finish flooring is scheduled for next week and we hope the interior will be fully complete and furnished before Valentine's!

- January 26, 2020 -

Demolition Day at the Lovers Loft! Old porch roof structure comes down to make way for new sub-floor and beginning of new porch roof.

- January 30, 2020 -

Lovers Loft walls are up and roof structure is going up!

Maple Lane light fixtures are in - finish flooring is
next - won't be long before the interior is finished!

- February 10, 2020 -

Lovers Loft roof structure is mostly on - windows are coming
shortly, then electric rough-in and insulation!

- February 12, 2020 -

Sweet Heart windows and insulation are done, and
T&G Knotty Pine barnsiding is going up!

- February 13, 2020 -

Drum Roll, Please....the Maple Lane interior is FINISHED! See finished photo at top of this page and click on link to see more photos

- March 15, 2020 -

Sweet Heart barnsiding is nearly complete and finish flooring was installed this week. Trim, lacquer clearcoat and final fixture hook-ups are all that remains to be done and the interior will be finished!

A LOT has been done at the Lovers Loft since the photos from February - Windows and Insulation are in, electric rough-in is done, T&G Knotty Pine barnsiding is more than halfway done, and finish flooring is being installed this week! Still not completed, but getting ever closer....

- April 17, 2020 -

The Sweet Heart and Lovers Loft Cabin porch interiors are now Both FINISHED!

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